How to Set Up a Printer

Printers are great tech accessories that can create hard copies of your computer-designed documents. If you’re ready to install a printer at home, follow these simple steps for a smooth setup process:

1. Open and prepare

The very first step in Printer setup is to remove its packaging and sort the necessary parts. Your printer will likely be in a cardboard box with Styrofoam and tape surrounding it for protection. Take it out of the box and set aside the information pamphlet and corresponding accessories.

2. Read the instructions

It may seem obvious, but reading over the instruction manual can be immensely helpful for a successful printer installation. Every printer is different, so give it a skim and get to work!

3. Connect it to power

Once your printer is out of the box and you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic instructions, connect it to a source of electricity by its power cord. Plug it into the desired outlet and make sure both ends of the cord are secured.

4. Connect the cable

If you’re installing a wired printer, connect the printer cable to your computer. This may need to be purchased separately, so check with customer service or consult your printer’s instruction manual for more information.

5. Install the printer’s software

If your printer requires a software program, insert the CD into your computer’s CD drive. Click through the steps for installation and complete the program’s setup.

6. Link to the network

If you have a wireless printer, go to your computer’s settings and add the device to the network. You may need to plug in the printer’s network adapter for your computer to recognize the wireless device. This step connects the printer to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

7. Test it

Whether you install a wired or a wireless printer, verify the results of the setup as your final step. Find the printer by selecting “Print” and checking for the printer in the available device options.

Your test document should now be sent to your newly installed printer. Make sure you have paper available, or you won’t be able to see the fruit of your printer-installing labor.