How To: Watch TV Online

Ever heard of a second screener? You might be one and not even realize it. A second screener is someone that watches TV and is on another device at the same time.

It happens all the time. In fact, 44% of Americans use a second screen half of the time they watch TV. You pull up a show, and then get on your phone to check Instagram or Facebook. Or tweet about the show. Or just shop online with the TV as the background.

Internet and TV go hand in hand – and now that it’s so easy to watch TV on your laptop, PC or tablet, they’re becoming one in the same.

So how do you do it? How do you watch online TV?

What you need to know about online TV

Streaming TV is incredibly simple.

  1. You need reliable Internet. Your Internet connection dictates how efficiently you can watch online TV. The faster and more reliable, the faster you can stream TV and the less waiting you do.
  2. Pick what to watch. Here is where you have options. Netflix, TumTiki, Hulu – they all work pretty much the same. Once you have an established Internet connection, connect to one of those TV platforms. There, you can search for specific shows, movies, actors or documentaries.
  3. Enjoy. Once you’ve selected something to watch, all that’s left to do is download it. Again – this is where having a reliable Internet connection comes in. The better quality your Internet, the better quality your viewing experience.

You also don’t have to pay to stream TV. Most big networks offer free episodes and full seasons of shows on their websites. But for movies, a service like Netflix or TumTiki is a better option.

Online TV tips

Control TV from your computer. Some services have online portals where you can watch shows and movies from your computer. You can even access On Demand content online, and just stream to your device if you don’t feel like watching on your TV.

Go wireless. One of the best things about watching online TV is that you can watch it from anywhere – and take it with you from room to room. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can move around your home and not have to pause, stop or rewind your show or movie. You can keep a connection anywhere inside your home.

Think about what time it is. If it’s a time of day where everyone in your home is online streaming TV, downloading videos or playing online games, the more your Internet connection is affected. Try streaming when you know you can get more support.