What is an Internet Card?

You get online a lot of different ways – on your phone, laptop, tablet, desktop. But, with smarter technology, you can also get online a lot of different places. No, not just in coffee houses or at the airport. Like, a lounge chair on the beach. Or a park bench. Or maybe at a baseball game.

Internet cards, commonly called “hot spots,” are one way people are getting online from anywhere.

Laptop Internet card basics

Your laptop is great for mobility – as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. When you’re traveling, you don’t always have access to a wireless network, which is where laptop Internet cards come in.

A laptop Internet card gives you wireless access wherever you are. Most Internet cards are small enough that you can slip them in your back pocket, so you aren’t carrying around a lot of equipment. The hotspot is its own wireless network, typically with the same security you’d get at home.

Why should I get an Internet card?

If you travel, there’s no better security blanket than a wireless hotspot. You might not want to rely on hotel Wi-Fi (or pay extra for it), and hunting down a public Wi-Fi network might not fit your time table. Hotspots are great if you’re traveling or know you’re going somewhere without Wi-Fi.

If you’re at work or at home, a laptop Internet hotspot really isn’t necessary, since you already have Internet available.

Where can I get a Wi-Fi Internet card?

You have a couple options. Your first step is to go through your wireless carrier, since most offer its own hotspot. Depending on your provider, you might have to sign a contract, and pay a monthly charge for your Internet data card.

Because of the monthly cost and potential contract, it only makes sense to get a Wi-Fi card if you know you’ll need it on a regular basis.

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