How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

We’re spoiled. We can get news updates the second they happen on Twitter. We can stream TV from just about anywhere with iPads. We can just about do it all. But, it all started with the convenience of Wi-Fi.

Wireless Internet gives us the ability to get online anywhere – if you have an on-the-go wireless hotspot, you can carry it in your pocket and get online in a café, in a park or in a car. But at home, a wireless router is all you need.

But, sometimes your Wi-Fi signal seems to weaken. Fortunately, you can boost your Wi-Fi signal with just a few quick fixes. Check them out:

  1. Move your router to a centralized location. Your wireless router is the hub of your Internet connection. To try and boost your signal, move your router to a central spot in your home. That way your wireless network is distributed evenly throughout your home, so you should have equal coverage in every room in your house.
  2. Stay away from structural inference. It all goes back to router location – if you have any large structures or machines (like washing machines or a furnace) between your device and your router, you could experience signal interference. Eliminate those obstacles and you can boost your Wi-Fi signal.
  3. Boost your router first. If you really want a heavy-duty fix, take a look at your router. See those antennas? You can actually replace them with larger, more directional ones. Replacing them is as easy as unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones.
  4. Secure your wireless network. If you don’t have a password-protected wireless network, your neighbors can log onto your network. When they do that, it can slow your speeds down. Just make sure that your network is private, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your wireless bandwidth.

These are just a few quick and easy ways to help boost your Wi-Fi signal. If your problem persists, it might be time to upgrade to a faster Internet plan.

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