How to Import Music Into iTunes

You need music a lot of the time in a lot of different places. Before you can take your favorite songs with you, you first have to get them into iTunes – fortunately all the iTunes help you need to import songs is right here.

There are a couple different ways you can import music into iTunes, so follow the steps below to get all the music you want in the place you want it.

Importing songs from CDs

Even though CDs aren’t as in demand as they once were, you might still have some lying around that you can’t part with. To import the songs from your must-have CDs into iTunes:

  • Open iTunes and insert the CD into the CD drive of your laptop or desktop.
  • Once iTunes has automatically identified the CD and the individual songs, you’ll see a button that asks if you want to import all songs on that CD into your library. Just click yes to do so. If you only want to import select songs, uncheck the pre-checked box next to the songs you wish to omit from your library – then click “Import CD” in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window.
  • Now iTunes will import your desired songs. The time it takes to import the selected songs depends on the speed and strength of your Internet connection. iTunes will show the progress for each song.

Importing songs from your computer

There’s also a really simple way to import songs to iTunes from your computer.

Audio files formatted in AA, MP3, WAV, AIFF Apple Lossless or .aa can be imported just by opening iTunes and going to your File menu. From there, you choose if you’re a Mac or Windows user. After choosing and selecting the file/folder you want imported, just click “add to library” to import your audio files. Easy as that.

Of course, another way to import songs into iTunes is by just buying songs in iTunes. Just browse the songs, artists or soundtracks you like and hit download. Then you’ve got all the content you want right in your customizable library. Happy listening!

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