Top 10 Tips For Parents Who Are Dominating Distance Learning

To the super-parent who is crushing remote work, tackling chores and is making sure their child still excels in school—this is for you.

Whether or not your child is taking standardized tests this year, staying on track is important to their school career. We’ve made a list of 5 ways you can help your child stay on track with school and 5 web apps to help you along the way.

Here are 5 ways to keep you and your student aligned on their progress.

1. Reach out to your child’s teacher to confirm what material your child has already covered in the classroom. Ask if there is a syllabus your child should follow, and keep a line of communication open between you and your child’s teacher. This is especially important if your child is taking a standardized test this year.

2. Have your child follow their typical daily schedule. Conduct science experiments in the morning or eat lunch at their regular lunch time. Following a routine, allows students to remain focused and will give them more control over their day.

3. Review the common core standards for your child’s grade level to have a better idea of what to expect while your student is studying.

4. Create a designated school environment at home so your child has the space to complete their online assignments and report to their teacher comfortably.

5. Make the most out of this unique experience by coming together as a family. Celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and problem-solve areas of opportunity as a group.

Here are 5 web apps which serve as resources for parents and additional study tools for older and younger students.


Newsela: Sign up for a parent account and find nonfiction, current articles for your student to read. Discover content relevant to standards and subjects your student needs to master. 

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers: Find worksheets, projects, activities and more created by teachers for teachers or parents available for purchase. Check through the filters to narrow down options right for your child. 


BrainPoP/BrainPoP Jr.: Find educational videos which cover topics in science, math, social studies, the arts and more. Determine what to watch by searching for videos related to the curriculum your child needs to master.

Cool Math

Cool Math: is a collection of math websites with games, lessons, challenges and more. There are plenty of games and activities for students in grade school. Plus, lessons designed to help older students with subjects like algebra and precalculus. 

Storyline Online

Storyline Online: This site has a massive collection of children’s stories read aloud for children by critically acclaimed actors. Storyline even offers supplemental lessons created by accredited elementary teachers to further improve retention to the stories your student listens to.