What is a Wireless Access Point?

Once you go wireless, it’s hard to imagine going back to a wired connection. Wireless Internet is just too convenient.

But how does wireless work, and what exactly are wireless access points?

WAP basics

A wireless access point (WAP) is a small device that enables users to connect to an Internet network using Wi-Fi. Some wireless routers have built-in access points – if you have one without, then a standalone WAP is what you need to go wireless.

Connecting wireless devices to wireless networks

Don’t let the lack of wires confuse you. Connecting a wireless device to a wireless network or through a wireless access point is incredibly easy.

First, you need to double check that your wireless device is Wi-Fi enabled. For most tablets and smartphones you can do this by visiting Settings  Wi-Fi. There you can make sure Wi-Fi is enabled, and also see the wireless networks you can connect to.

Networks with a lock next to it will be password protected. When you set up your wireless network, it’s recommended that you password-protect it so neighbors and strangers can’t log on.

Choose the network you want to connect to, enter the password if needed and then there you have it – you’re connected wirelessly.

What if you’re on a laptop?

On your laptop’s task bar is an icon signifying your Internet connection (usually it looks like a bar graph, representing the strength of your Internet connection). Simply by clicking that icon you can see if you’re Wi-Fi enabled, and see the available networks.

With a wireless access point, it’s super simple to go wireless on any kind of device. If you don’t have wireless in your home yet, all you need is a wireless router or wireless access point – get one today (they’re really affordable) and start experiencing Internet everywhere in your home!

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