What’s the Best Internet for Laptops?

This is a trick question. Of course, the best Internet for laptops is fast Internet – but that’s not the whole story.

The whole point of having a laptop is mobility. You have a laptop so you can get online from your couch, your porch, your kitchen, bedroom, living room – wherever. So the best laptop Internet connection is a wireless one.

Wireless Internet for laptops

Wireless Internet is just what it sounds like – an Internet connection without wires. You can get a wireless Internet for laptops just by getting a wireless router. Connect the router to your existing Internet connection, and you’re good to go.

But – you should know that some wireless connections make better laptop Internet connections than others.

What makes a good wireless laptop Internet service?

  1. It has to be reliable. Think about it. When you’re wireless, your network connection isn’t as strong as a hardline connection – so you’re more susceptible to slow speeds and buffering. The more reliable your connection is, the more likely you are to get an uninterrupted connection for your laptop.
  2. Fast speeds. Ok, yes every laptop Internet connection should come with speed, but remember that reliability we were talking about? The faster your speeds, the more support you have – which means you are more likely to keep a fast connection when you’re wireless.
  3. Location. When you go wireless, it’s best to keep your wireless router in a central location in your home. That way your wireless network is evenly distributed throughout your home. Because you want strong Internet on the go for your laptop in every room of your house – not just in some.
  4. Laptop Internet connections are easy to find – just about any Internet connection can turn into a wireless one. Set up your wireless router and start enjoying the perks of wireless Internet for laptops!

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